Flower essence formulas to accelerate your personal & spiritual growth
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Self Love & Acceptance

Self Love & Acceptance


Purpose: May help you compassionately accept, appreciate, value and love who you are – a unique human being with precious gifts, accomplishments and qualities. Self care, kindness and compassion. The most important, key formula that underlies everything and supports every other formula. 

May open you to accept others as you would have them accept you. 

Tip:  Take for 3 days, and take one day off, observing your thoughts, feelings and responses.  Then repeat as needed. 

Tip:  This works with all other formulas and is foundational to your healing, well-being and True identity.  

Tip:  A necessary step when wanting to attract a special Beloved into your life. 

Tip:  Side benefit it also helps you to accept others as you would have them accept you.  

Support for other formulas: Useful with the Life Purpose to establish your value, and helps increase self confidence when taking I Can/I Will and Managing Change.   

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