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Attract My Beloved

Attract My Beloved


Purpose:  To help to attract your Beloved (marriage, soul mate, relationship, life partner), open your heart to love and prepare yourself. May improve your current relationship.  

How to use: 3 drops into a container of water, swirl, and sip throughout the day for at least a month or more. 

Tip: Take for 3 days, skip 1 day, observing your thoughts, feelings, insights.  Write them down. Repeat.  How is your thoughts and emotions changing? 

Tip: Enhance with meditation, journaling, counseling, life coaching.

Tip: From Feng Shui, put equal tables and lamps on either side of your bed, put photo or other symbol in your relationship corner, prepare other areas of your living space, write a letter from your future self about your Beloved.

Supportive formulas:  Self Love & Acceptance (foundational), Forgiveness, Release & Let Go, Positivity.  

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