Flower essence formulas to accelerate your personal & spiritual growth
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Change doesn't have to be so hard

The impulse is inherent within you.  You may have answered the insistent "Call of the Self" and explored self-help modalities, learned to meditate, or began a spiritual practice, or to find what works for you.  

But sometimes life gets in the way. Consciousness explorers, spiritual adventurers, wisdom seekers, healers and journeyers in self-realization -- you already know the ups and downs of the Quest. Have you hoped for an easier way to overcome obstacles, improve your life skills, or even expand your brilliant light to the edge of the universe? 

Flowers are more than a pretty face.  At the forefront of energy medicine, flower essences embody desirable qualities.  They work at energetic level, influencing your subtle bodies through resonance to raise your vibration and grace the transformation you yearn for.  With a few drops daily of our formulas, the greatest version of yourself may be achievable -- right in the palm of your hand. 

“If you but soak up the sunlight you are given, drink each drop of water
I send, 
and strive only to be yourself, life shall quicken in your roots,
spirit shall raise you into the light, and your bloom will inspire the world.”
Notes from The Universe ❤️ ©Mike Dooley, www.Tut.com

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