Flower essence formulas for personal & spiritual growth
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The impulse to wholeness is inherent in the human spirit.  Have you ever felt it?  The necessity to know yourself, to express your true nature in your daily life, to Become?  Your Self/Soul/Spirit is indomitable, radiant, vibrant, eternal.  

But sometimes life gets in the way -- trauma, socio-economics, family issues, breakups, for example.  If you would like some powerful and easy assistance, these flower essence formulas may be for you.  They engender subtle yet profound changes:

    • Resolve & heal personal issues.  Transform them into strengths.

    • Enhance the quality of your daily life, improve your relationships, meet your mate, effectively navigate your life. 

    • Access your soul level, your purposes, subtle energies.  Rise up!  Self actualize!  Self realization. 

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