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My Story

Yonti... Flower Whisperer & Evolutionary Innovator

A Magical Talking Bush 
It was magical. I was carefully picking my way across a boulder-strewn slope in knee-deep snow when I heard a deep voice command Make flower essences”.  It was coming from a mountain laurel bush!  "Um, other people do that” I objected. Twice. 

Yonti, Flower Whisperer

It was even more magical when a book-falling-off-the-shelf-and-opening-to-the-right-page thing happened. “How to Make Flower Essences."  I very grudgingly said "Yes, I'll try a few.”   

The next spring was most magical. I placed a single drop of yellow swamp iris flower essence in the mouth of my healing client.  He suddenly knew why he felt so abandoned all his life.  Then another client burst into tears, realizing she had been loved by her parents.

OMG!!! These things really work!!! I was thoroughly hooked.
Like me, most of the people who reach out to me are on an active spiritual path and are familiar with the ups and downs along the way.  I had done just a few sessions with single essences, when someone in crisis needed massive help. The first flower essence formula with 12 essences was born.  The remarkable shifts in consciousness and healing my clients were experiencing made it clear – a potent aid for the Spiritual Journey had appeared – along with a life calling that I was excited to pursue.  

We Co-Create A Unique Essence-Making Process
I demanded another way.  The essence-making process of pulling petals off of flowers to float in water had me in tears.  The medicinal flowers I loved so much were calling from the woods "Choose me, choose me." And you can’t pick wildflowers. 

The Devas (spirit of the flowers) and Nature itself responded beautifully.  We proceeded to collaborate on a way to directly transfer the subtle flower energies into water.  I improved my intuitive listening capacities and gained counseling skills, while wise spiritual guides and angelic presences joined in on the excitement.  The Team was formed. 

Training and Expertise Contribute Too
I had 25+ years of energy healing experience before these incidents changed the course of my life.  Through learning and using cranio-sacral somato-emotional release techninques, I discovered I had a knack for open-ended guiding and helping people connect with their deeper Self in body-based healing sessions.  I then studied psychosynthesis extensively because it has both theory in the nature and growth of the psyche, incorporating the spiritual dimension, and the practical tools to support that growth.  At the same time I was leading workshops and classes in meditation and consciousness, personally expanding rapidly too.  Learning to share the wisdom of the Akashic Records catapulted everything to an even more cosmic level. 

My Team and I continue to create formulas to meet the incredible challenges of the world we now live in.  I also offer guidance and counseling over the phone.  

It is up to you and me to make the world a better place.  The flowers are eager to partner with us.  Give them the opportunity to help you evolve into the greatest version of yourself, to integrate all aspects of yourself, to bloom fully. Wholeness.

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