Flower essence formulas for healing, well-being & spirit
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High Vibrations. Pure Ingredients.  
These ideas are important to us:  Uplifting – Safe – Healthy – Sustainable – Organic – Empowerment – Synergistic – Sacred – Beauty – Respect – Wholeness – Planetary – Self-Realization

  • Our bottles are a patented deep violet color that only allows light in the violet spectrum to enter – reduces the need for preservation dramatically and keeps  the exquisite vibrations high.  Similar to that of the ancient Egyptians. 
  • Alcohol-free!  Safe for all adults and children.
  • Health-enhancing water – Flows from a pure Oregon spring, filtered through ancient basalt, slightly alkaline ph of 7.6. 100% organic ingredients
  • Glycerin – Certified organic, non-GMO and kosher, from sustainably grown soy, processed only with pure water instead of the chemicals generally used in the industry [health note: no soy protein or hormones remain].
  • Empowering and uplifting – understandings and aha! moments arise from each person's own internal resources, experience and inspirations.
  • Synergistic – Each formula contains around 12 individual (mostly flower) essences, consciously combined, with the whole even greater than the sum of the parts.
  • Logo – permeated with sacred geometry. The flower of life pattern emerges from the stars and deep space, reflecting the inherent order of the universe itself, mirrored by all flowers. The mesmerizing, enchanting rose – the Western lotus – with central spiral and petals of interlocked triangles.
  • We love flowers - no petals were plucked in the making of these essences.

Our Story:   A startling request!

The impulse for Essences of Wholeness began at the startling request of the flowers in the late 90’s. I was carefully hiking on a ridge in knee-deep snow, when a deep voice began speaking to me. It seemed to originate from a mountain laurel bush, requesting that I make flower essences! I responded that other people did that, but thank you for the invite. When I returned home, a book fell from the shelf, open to a page on how to make flower essences... OMG!  So I said Yes. 

And so here We are, two hundred and something single essences later (mostly but not all from flowers) and a cohesive offering of “bouquets” of essence formulas from home gardens, marshes, woodlands – even deserts, events and environments. Special focusing and imprinting techniques were developed so that each essence radiates the highest potency possible. 

We (a collaborative team from the spiritual, nature, angelic and human realms) hope that as you use these precious drops you will find abundant support and encouragement on your soul’s journey to Wholeness.

Yonti, Flower Whisperer

Yonti... Flower Whisperer

As a young girl I wandered our property, fascinated by the natural world. Since we grew most of our food, there was a lot to observe. My little microscope got a lot of use. Later on I became an earth science teacher.

After moving cross-country to New York City, I first worked and volunteered for non-profits and taught natural sciences.  I began drawing and painting the natural world. That shifted me to a long career as a graphic designer. I relished the cultural opportunities and diversity there, actively soaked it up, and travelled internationally. 

Concurrently, I answered the insistent Call of my Self and embarked upon my personal spiritual and healing journey. After being healed of a serious knee injury, I began facilitating energy healing in the mid-70’s.  That naturally grew in scope and potency, eventually incorporating cranio-sacral therapy and somato-emotional release, training in psychosynthesis counseling, then psychosynthesis coaching and most recently akashic readings.  My intent was and is serving the highest good and providing the best facilitation that I can.

The essence formula "bouquets" emerged from that work with some very courageous clients, who experienced remarkable shifts in their lives from those early drops. 

I’m grateful to have returned to Oregon, enjoying life with my husband, with the opportunity to launch this new phase of life.  

Member: WESO (Women Entrepreneurs of Southern Oregon)
Member: AAP (Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis)
Sponsor: GardenMuralProject.com