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Embracing Change

Embracing Change


Purpose:  Anticipated AND unexpected change is a part of our increasingly complex world.  This may help you navigate your circumstances, feelings, thoughts and actions with grace, insight and skill. 

Tip: Take for 3 days, and take one day off, observing your thoughts, feelings and responses.  Then repeat as needed. 

Discussion:  This can be a rather deep process, depending upon the circumstances, so be prepared for feelings or issues to surface that could be uncomfortable - temporarily.  But do not fret - this formula is gentle, soothing and clarifying and can help quickly.  Helps with resilience too.  

Supportive formulas:  Positivity, to assist you in recalling and utilizing your internal and external resources, Self Love & Acceptance to increase your confidence and sense of self, Release & Let GoLife Purpose if there is a major change of focus. 

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