Flower essence formulas for healing, well-being & spirit
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Awakening to Wholeness

Are you on the sacred journey to know and experience your True Nature?  Wholeness? Enlightened Consciousness? Oneness?  The glorious adventure brings us through countless obstacles, relationships of all sorts, personal failures and triumphs, lessons and insights, as well as exhilarating moments beyond description. As the totality of our experiences are integrated at every level of our Being, we discover our True Nature. The flower essences in these formulas may help you achieve that -- gaining insight, pure awareness, accelerating your progress, inspiring and uplifting you, on your unique journey of Awakening to Your Innate Wholeness.

Some feedback:

About five years ago I became interested in meditation and in becoming more spiritual. I tried Know My Soul. What a difference a few drops makes! It could seem cliché, but I became aware that I’m a Spiritual Being having a human experience. CA