Flower essence formulas to accelerate your personal & spiritual growth
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Resolve personal issues and trauma, transforming them into internal strengths and hope.

TransformMost of us have experienced wounding to our sense of self, even in the most loving and supportive environments.  And as we all know, an unprecedented level of stress is now being experienced across the social spectrum.

Unfortunately, the resulting reactions and unconscious negative scripts run continuously in your psyche, undermining the quality of your relationships, work life and and world view. 

These flower essence formulas are here for you, to help you overcome their harmful effects. To gradually allow you to show up more fully and authentically in your life.  It still requires diligence, willingness and courage to transform. But now you have a way to hasten and lighten your efforts and begin to revel in your new-found peace of mind. 

You may experience profound shifting, "AHA" moments, hope, increased awareness and lightness, becoming stronger within. Our pets are affected too, so see the formula for them. 

"I purchased the three-bottle set Grief Support - Phases 1, 2 & 3 when my mother unexpectedly passed away.  As the executor, it was difficult to make all the arrangements and deal with friends, relatives and the legalities.
Phase 1 helped me to be present for others and to handle numerous details with a centered calm, though I was acutely feeling the sudden loss.
Phase 2 became a deep process for me, as I reviewed so many aspects of our complex relationship in my mind.
In Phase 3, those complexities were resolved in my heart, becoming acceptance. Throughout the three-month process, it felt like I was surrounded by a warm comforter, even during the toughest moments."      SB, sculptor

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