Flower essence formulas for healing, well-being & spirit
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Healing and hope

May reduce stress and help you heal aspects of yourself that hold you back from fully showing up in your life.  May also stimulate "AHA" moments, help you gain hope, awareness and clarity, lighter and stronger within. Transformation!  See formula for your pet too.  

Some feedback: 

I purchased the three-bottle set for grieving when my mother passed away suddenly.  As executor, I had to make arrangements and interface with many relatives, friends and others.

  • Grief 1 helped me to be present for others and to handle all those details with a centered calm, though I was feeling the sudden loss acutely.  
  • Grief 2 became a deep process for me, as many aspects of our complex relationship came to mind for review.
  • Grief 3, those complexities were resolved in my heart. Throughout the three-month process it felt like I was surrounded by a warm comforter, even during tough moments. SB