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I Can/I Will

I Can/I Will


Purpose:  Though you might try to force yourself to do or be something, this may help you achieve it skillfully instead – considered, possible, enjoyable.  Action in 5 stages:  clarify your purpose, deliberate/intuit, choose/decide, affirm/plan, and act.

Tip: Take for 3 days, and take one day off, observing your thoughts, feelings and responses.  Then repeat as needed. 

Tip:  Write out the 5 stages on paper or a sign board.  Sticky notes are great because they are so flexible. 

Discussion:  Supports you when you are initiating and making major life changes, creating the life you love.  Helpful if you are engaged in coaching sessions, starting a new career or changing direction. Take this when you sit down to work to increase the efficacy of your efforts and produce better results. 

Tip:  Coaches - use this with your clients to help them achieve their goals faster, with increased satisfaction with their results.   

Supportive formulas: Positivity, to assist you in recalling and utilizing your internal and external resources; Self Love & Acceptance to help increase self confidence; and Managing Change, if your life is particularly complex as you set about manifesting what you desire.

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