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Grief Support - 3 Phases


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In accordance with Spiritual Guides and Nature, the grieving process is in three phases, so there are three separate bottles.

Phase 1: Loss/Pain/Shock.  Helps to soothe, calm, and comfort you, helping you to cope with everyday life. 
Phase 2: Examining/Evaluating/Understanding.  Helps you to gain perspective on the nature of your relationship to the person or the situation, and to handle emerging memories and emotions.  
Phase 3: Resolution/Moving Forward.  Helps you in accepting, resolving, integrating, reorienting your life, and moving forward. 

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How to use: 3 drops into a container of water, swirl, and sip throughout the day.  You will know when to start the next phase. 

Tip: Take for 3 days, skip 1 day, observing your thoughts, feelings, insights.  Write them down if you can. Repeat.  

Tip: Enhance with meditation, journaling, counseling.

Supportive formulas:  Self Love & Acceptance (foundational), Forgiveness, Release & Let Go, Positivity, Managing Change.

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