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Self Love & Acceptance

Self Love & Acceptance


May help you compassionately accept, appreciate, value and love who you are – a unique human being with precious gifts, accomplishments and qualities. Self care, kindness. A foundational formula.

May open you to accept others as you would have them accept you. 

Tip:  Take for 3 days, and take one day off, observing your thoughts, feelings and responses.  Then repeat as needed. 

Tip:  This works with all other formulas and is foundational to your healing, well-being and True identity.  

Tip:  A necessary step when wanting to attract a special Beloved into your life. 

Tip:  Side benefit it also helps you to accept others as you would have them accept you.  

Support for other formulas: Useful with the Life Purpose to establish your value, and helps increase self confidence when taking I Can/I Will and Managing Change.   

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