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Grief Support - Set of 3 Phases

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Purpose:  Whether it's the loss of a loved one, the loss of an entire way of life due to floods, fires or other natural disasters, the loss of health, loss of a job, companionship -- it has deeply affected most of our lives.  If grief has touched your life, you may be feeling it acutely.  The support here is process oriented, to help you move through these stages.  You may find yourself naturally moving back and forth between them.

Phase 1: Loss/Pain/Shock/Trauma.  May help to sooth, calm, and comfort you, helping you to cope with everyday life. 
Phase 2: Examining/Evaluating/Understanding.  May help you to gain perspective on the nature of your relationship to the person or the situation, and to handle the memories and emotions that may emerge.  
Phase 3: Resolution/Moving Forward.  May help to accept, resolve, integrate, reorient, and move forward. 

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How to use: 3 drops into a container of water, swirl, and sip throughout the day.  You will know when to start the next phase. 
Tip: Take for 3 days, skip 1 day, observing your thoughts, feelings, insights.  Write them down if you can. Repeat.  
Tip: Enhance your experience and observations with meditation, journaling, counseling.

Additional powerful support:  Self Love & Acceptance (foundational), Forgiveness, Release & Let Go, Positivity, Managing Change.

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