Flower essence formulas for personal & spiritual growth
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The essence formulas in this category may assist you to transform daily stress and emotional issues into more preferred ways of being and personal empowerment.  Though sometimes the journey may be difficult, can you relate to the old proverb?  "Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors."  

Expect to feel lighter, supported and more self-empowered as you transition through these challenges.  People sometimes experience valuable insights or "Aha moments" along the way.  

We have remembered our beloved companion animals too. They often respond quickly to their formula "bouquet". 

Some feedback: 

I purchased the three-bottle set, Rx: Grief 1, 2 & 3, when my mother passed away suddenly. Since I was executor of the will, I had to make the arrangements and interface with many relatives and friends.

    • Grief 1 helped me to be present for others and to handle all those details with a centered calm, though I was shaken, feeling the sudden loss acutely.  
    • Grief 2 became a deep process for me, as many aspects of our complex relationship came to mind for review as I worked through them. 
    • Grief 3, those complexities were resolved in my heart. Throughout the three-month process it felt almost like I was surrounded by a warm comforter, especially during some tough moments. SB