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For Dogs, Cats, Horses, and...?

For Dogs, Cats, Horses, and...?


Many times our pets and companion animals are impacted by the tensions of contemporary life, just as we are.  Or going to the vet!  This may help relieve their resulting stress and anxiety.  Excellent for rescues. 

How to Use:  Place 3 drops into their drinking water daily.

Discussion:  May be useful in circumstances such as a loud storm, change of residence, an injury, illness, other companion animals.  May help increase manageability and decrease nervousness during training.  And many rescues have been through a lot.   

Tip:  Observe them closely and provide additional attention during the transition.

Tip:  As their "parent" it is beneficial to your animal(s) if you take this formula during the time period when they are taking it.  It helps to harmonize your energy field with your animal's and could lessen the treatment time.

Supportive formulas:  For "parent" humans, taking Stress Relief and Self Love & Acceptance can benefit your pets. 

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